Survive 9/11 in new disaster game

And Hiroshima, the Titanic, Hurricane Andrew, and more. It's all about survival, which is probably why it's called Survivor. Shots?

German developer Replay Studios has announced a third-person action game which involves experiencing some of the worst disasters in recent history, including the sinking of the Titantic, Hurricane Andrew, Hiroshima, and - in a move which is already provoking much consternation Stateside - the events of September 11th.

Called Survivor, the game is due out on PC and consoles - although it currently lacks a publisher or release date - and although Replay Studios is being coy about specifics, it promises that the GTA-style free-roaming single-player game will show people "how it feels being aboard the Titanic after she hit the iceberg," amongst other things.

There will also be various sub-quests that have to be completed within the framework of each disaster, like saving people from imminent doom, although unsurprisingly the main goal of the game is "pure survival".

Interested? Well, you can see a few screenshots here, and there's more on the game (including a white paper, oddly) here.

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