Vice City Stories trailer

Plus game info.

With Vice City Stories' October 20th release date just a month and a half away, Rockstar has kicked off the inevitable promotional campaign with a trailer and a website launch.

The former you can check out on Eurogamer TV now, while the latter sheds a bit more light on the game's setting and characters, and confirms - though doesn't elaborate on - the presence of Liberty City Stories-esque multiplayer options.

According to Rockstar, Vice City Stories will be set in 1984 and stars Vic Vance - the brother of Lance Vance from Vice City - and sees the player thrust into a world where the drugs trade is starting to take root thanks to helpful economic conditions.

It also talks about Vic, who apparently has always protected his "dysfunctional family, his country, himself", but ends up making a bad decision that sees him on the streets with little choice but to build a drugs empire. We've all been there.

We should be able to bring you more on Vice City Stories later this month, so stay tuned to find out what Vic gets up to, how Lance is involved, and what else Rockstar Leeds has in store now that it's comfortable working with the PSP hardware.

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