Ubisoft announces Myst IV: Revelation

Another gorgeous adventure from the house of the Prince.

Ubisoft continues to trail new products ahead of next month's E3 trade show (May 12-14th), popping up this week to opine on what's going to make the next Myst game brilliant. "Myst IV: Revelation will take players into the twisted minds and worlds of two evil brothers, deep inside an intense family drama," says Ubi producer Genevieve Lord, heralding its announcement.

Due out before the end of the year, Myst IV has the player scouring gorgeous landscapes for clues about a gripping family drama, trying to uncover the reasons behind the disappearance of a little girl, and trace the roles of her siblings Sirrus and Archenar, who were implicated at the time.

As with Ubisoft's other pre-E3 game announcements, there are a couple of screenshots to glance at, and in this case there's also a thirty-second trailer on the official website, showing off some of the environments and some live action cut sequences featuring the little girl and members of her family. And some rotating books in a golden sphere.

Otherwise, all we know about Revelation is that Peter Gabriel (yes, him) is working with composer Jack Wall to produce the ambient soundtrack. Expect to hear much more about this - and Ubi's other recent announcements - when we all touch down in Los Angeles next month.

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