Win sexy PGR 360 console

Even if you're crap.

Microsoft's offering Xbox 360 owners the chance to win shiny-sounding PGR3-themed black consoles as part of a range of events to pick out a "PGR 100" group of the top racers.

Not just the top racers, actually - the PGR 100 is described as "a test of skill, daring, knowledge, luck but above all, stylish racing", and won't just be for people who've got all-platinums like me, even if it OBVIOUSLY SHOULD BE.

The first member will certainly be lucky - the winner of the "Gamer Picture Draw". That's a prize draw for one of the sexified consoles that you can take part in by logging into Live Marketplace and downloading a "PGR 100" gamer picture between now and midday on 10th March. You can grab it whether you've got a Gold Live subscription or one of the cheapy Silver ones.

Later on into the PGR 100 calendar, which runs throughout February and March, there'll be a Developer Showdown session on Live with the developer, Bizarre Creations, and, well, more details will be announced at soon. There's a picture of the shiny console on there too.

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