Tourist Trophy site launched

Complete with pics and trailer.

Sony Computer Entertainment has launched a new website for Tourist Trophy, the new PS2 motorbike racer from Gran Turismo creator Polyphony Digital.

It's in Japanese, unfortunately, but still worth a look if you'd like to see some nice hi-res pics - just click on "Introduction" on the site's home page, then skip through the numbers at the top right (lots of boring pics of bikes and Japanese text, nothing else to see here) until you reach the "P" page.

See? Look at all them lovely pictures, floating about in weird and slightly unnerving way. To view a direct feed of the trailer shown at the Tokyo Game Show, click on the thumbnail sticking out on the left.

Tourist Trophy is being directed by Takamasa Shichisawa - and not GT boss Kazunori Yamauchi, though he's still involved in the role of producer. Most of the bikes in the game date back to the nineties, but there will be a collection from the eighties too.

There's no word on a release date but they can't be far off from completion now, since the game is set to be demoed in playable form at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 22.

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