EA confirms X360 launch line-up

X05: Three more in development.

[Rummages around for sporting metaphors.] Electronic Arts has touched down at Microsoft's X05 showcase early, racing out of the blocks ahead of the Amsterdam event by confirming that it plans to hit the ground running come launch day with five of its heaviest hitters. [Alright, enough of that.]

Need For Speed: Most Wanted, FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup, NBA Live 06, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 and Madden NFL 06 will all be available alongside the Xbox 360 on November 22nd in the US and December 2nd in Europe. (So, for those of you who can't read longhand EA-speak, that's Need For Speed, FIFA, NBA, Tiger Woods and Madden.)

EA also reiterated that it has The Godfather, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and "a new title from the Burnout Revenge franchise" in development although it wouldn't talk about release dates or details. That's pretty much in-keeping with what the publisher had already said - although it's worth clarifying that the "Burnout Revenge title" isn't quite the new game that's been implied. We'd expect to see all of those in early 2006.

X05 gets going later today as you doubtless already know, and Microsoft's expected to confirm its launch line-up of 10 to 15 titles for the Xbox 360 during the Amsterdam showcase. We're also expecting some new software announcements, although suggestions that we might see Halo 3 appear to be wide of the mark.

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