Transformers sequel on the way

And PSP version? Melbourne House certainly wants to...

One of this year's most anticipated games is undoubtedly Atari's stompy robot shooter Transformers. We almost screamed our faces off during one particularly manic preview session, so we were keen to have a chat with the chaps down under at Melbourne House, the developer of the unbelievably impressive PS2 exclusive.

In today's exclusive interview Andrew Carter, the VeePee of Product Development at the aussie development veterans gave the first indication that this would be just the start of its relationship with Optimus Prime and co: "We are currently looking into what we want to put into a sequel to this game," he told Eurogamer.

"We've got some ambitious ideas too because we really want to up the ante again on this one," Carter enthused, but admitted "It's too early to talk about though," before the Atari gags descended.

As for whether the game would be appearing on other formats in the future, Carter raised hopes of other console versions at the very least: "There may be possibilities of a conversion later. Perhaps a PSP version?! Let's see..."

For the full lowdown of the quick fire development process behind one of the most impressive games you'll see all year, head here.

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