Mario Sunshine co-director at E3

To announce a new Nintendo project, apparently.

Mario Sunshine co-director Yoshiaki Koizumi will be on hand at E3 this year to promote a new, as-yet-unannounced Nintendo title, according to reports originating with this week. Koizumi, a long-time servant of the Kyoto-based developer whose past credits include The Wind Waker and even Super Mario Kart (on which he was an illustrator), will reportedly be speaking to the press alongside Mario Sunshine assistant director Takao Shimizu, although we have no details on the product - or even which platforms it will be targeting.

Nintendo has already confirmed certain products that will appear at E3 (most notably Metroid Prime 2, Paper Mario 2 and Nintendo DS), but more is definitely to come, including the official unveiling of The Wind Waker 2 (confirmed during Eiji Aonuma's GDC presentation earlier this year), and rumours are starting to circulate that Mario 128 could even make an appearance following its no-show at last year's rather disappointing Nintendo event.

We should know more on May 11th when we finish up at Nintendo's pre-E3 conference.

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