Half-Life 2 to appear on video

At least it's two videos. Maybe next year we'll get three!

Half-Life 2 will appear at E3 in video form only for the second year running, publisher Vivendi-Universal Games has confirmed, extinguishing any last embers of hope that Valve's "summer 2004" target might mean a surprise pre-show release. (Which, let's face it, wasn't exactly likely in any event, whatever the fanboys thought.)

However, in slightly better news, the much-hyped first-person shooter will appear in two separate demos on both Vivendi's and ATI's stands, and ATI will also have Valve's Gabe Newell on hand from time to time to provide its "exclusive, unreleased content" with much-needed context.

Both firms promise regular showings throughout E3, and we'll be sure to check in with the game at least a couple of hundred times to make sure we pick up on everything. In fact, we already have our passes, if for 'passes' you'll accept 'crowbars of persuasion' and for 'already have our' you'll take 'we're on our way to Focus to buy us some goddamn'.

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