Boll signs screenwriter for Dungeon Siege

While Eidos confirms Fear Effect deal.

Screenwriter David Freeman has reportedly been signed to script Uwe Boll's film based on hackandslash adventure Dungeon Siege. Having previously worked on scripts for various games (including as-yet unreleased movie tie-in Van Helsing, Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma and, as Rob notes, the jingoistic nonsense that passed for a script in Command & Conquer: Generals) and TV projects, producer/director Boll fancies Freeman for the role and certainly the attachment suggests that Boll might get this, one of his many game-based movies, off the ground in the near future.

Meanwhile, Eidos has today confirmed the Hollywood Reporter story from t'other week that Boll has optioned Fear Effect. Excitement all round, natch, and given that Boll's House of the Dead movie is one of the lowest-ranked films in IMDB (#27 in the bottom 100), it's hardly surprising that they're already drawing comparisons to the "success" of the stumbling Tomb Raider movie franchise. No?

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