DS web browser out in June

But only in Japan, unfortunately.

Nintendo has confirmed that the new Opera browser which allows DS owners to surf the web will launch in Japan this June, according to Nintendo Power magazine.

It'll come on a regular DS game cartridge and will be priced at 3800 yen (around Ł18), and users will be able to input information using the touch screen and stylus.

In a recent interview with, Opera's Berit Hanson said the DS's two screens "allow for two different modes of browsing: fit-to-width and DS mode.

"In fit-to-width mode, Opera uses both screens for scrolling up or down a page with both screens completing the view. In DS mode, an overview of the Web page is displayed on the lower screen and a pink square can be moved around an area of the page. The area you have selected is shown on the upper screen."

Hanson said you can expect the same standards of support, surfing speed and rendering capabilities as with Opera's desktop browsers. "A new feature for the DS is the ability to hand write the URL into the address field. You can currently write in English or Japanese."

Rumour has it that Opera DS will launch in the US this December - but there's no word of a European release, with a Nintendo spokesperson simply telling us: "We have not announced our plans for bringing Opera to the UK at this time."

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