Hackers crack X360 demo

ISO now available and playable.

A group of hackers have released an ISO (burnable disc image) of the Xbox 360 demo pod disc, potentially paving the way for pirates hoping to crack the console's copy protection software in the process.

In a statement, hackers Team Pi wrote: "It seems Microsoft was in such a hurry to get this stuff out that they forgot to set the media protection on this disc.

"This leaves hackers with the posibility to hack around with this disc that load from a normal DVDR5 backup! Team Pi also notes that the all datafiles on this disc isn't [sic] signed in any way, and will allow for extensive modification for producing exploits to further our effort to hack this box!"

Playable game demos featured on the disc include Call of Duty 2, Kameo and King Kong, and there are various videos to view too. All you have to do is burn the ISO and stick it in your Xbox 360 to start playing, according to Team Pi, although such activities are undoubtedly not condoned by Microsoft. You can read more over at

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