Hot XXX nude orc action!

Courtesy of naughty WOW mod.

Ever wondered what a World of Warcraft orc looks like naked? No, us neither. But a group of modders have obviously given it a lot of thought, since they've gone to the trouble of developing a WOW patch which renders female characters nude.

And not just orcs, either - humans, gnomes, night elves, dwarves, trolls, undead and many more all get the naked treatment. There are plenty of screenshots floating round the Internet, plus a desktop wallpaper which features a delightful 'World of Porncraft' logo, but we won't be linking to them here for the sake of the kiddies. You understand.

It's highly unlikely that Blizzard will let the mod get anywhere near the WOW servers - so if you're desperate to see it in action, you'll most likely have to go on a private server and risk all the dodgy business that entails. But, you know, whatever makes you happy.

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