Metal Gear Solid 3 due in March with Euro bonuses

In keeping with past tradition, the European version of the latest Metal Gear Solid PS2 game will feature PAL-specific gameplay additions, Konami confirms.

Konami has revealed that the European version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is definitely due out in March 2005 (various retailers have been quoting March 25th to us) and will feature various new modes to make up for the delay.

PAL versions will apparently feature a new "Duel Mode" allowing you to play through the boss fights independently - presumably after you've conquered them over the course of the main game - and a "Demo Theatre" allowing you to watch the cut-scenes.

Given that the boss fights and the narrative are two of MGS3's strongest assets, we can see ourselves making use of these. The Demo Theatre in particular is bound to prove useful when you get to the end and perhaps need to fill in a few gaps that have slipped out of mind.

Konami is also planning other PAL-exclusive features to be detailed in the coming months ahead of the game's release. Of course, if you want to know what's already in there, you should check out our massive in-depth review of the US version here.

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