Nightfall bonuses planned

Guild Wars pack next month.

NCsoft and ArenaNet hope to garner new interest in their non-subscription massively-multiplayer Guild Wars series with a new, shop-shelf "pre-release bonus pack" that's effectively a demo of the first two games and some bonus items for the new one. If and when etc. etc.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Prerelease Bonus Pack is due out on September 15th, and headlines with a key to unlock 10 hours or 14 days (whichever's up first) of play in Guild Wars Prophecies (the rebadged original) and Factions.

It also includes a Nightfall bonus key, offering those already looking forward to the next Guild Wars game, which introduces two new professions among many other things, two exclusive items as well as a host of assorted media (tips, art, trailers, wallpaper - you name it).

The two bonus items are a Fiery Sunspear of Shelter for the new Paragon class, and an Icy Soulbreaker of Enchanting for the Dervish. To read more about the Paragon and Dervish, and get a general overview of Nightfall, check out our previous coverage.

And despite the fact the pre-release pack is out in just over a month, NCsoft is keeping schtum about when we can expect to see Nightfall appear on store shelves - although before the end of the year seems like a safe bet.

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