Hardcore porn for PSP

Including "Erotic Terrorist"!

Back in April, you may recall, Playboy announced plans to offer downloadable content for PSP - mainly comprising clips of a chesty woman dressed up as some kind of videogame heroine and going "Oooh yeah."

Well, that's nothing compared to what Japanese porn factory GLAY'z has got lined up for the PSP. Five of their finest and and most hardcore offerings are getting an outing on the UMD - and that's just for starters.

The titles announced so far are: High Grade Class First Soap Lady - Anna Kaneshiro, Loli Nanpa 5, Goku Hong - Riko Tachibana, The Nurse of a Big Breast and Erotic Terrorist Beautiful Body. Most of them are uncensored, i.e. you can see it going in and out and everything.

Four of the movies, in case you're not familiar with GLAY'z's body of work, feature famous Japanese porno starlets, while the fifth is subtitled "Premature flesh is the area which became wet hotly." Um.

The official word is that all the UMDs will be region-encoded, but since the UK and Japan share the same Region (2), filthy-minded European PSP owners should be fine. And anyway, rumour has it they'll actually be region-free, so you'll be fine even if you bought a US PSP. [You'll be hellbound, obviously, but fine. -Ed]

We contacted Sony to ask if they'll be allowing European pornmongers to follow suit - but a representative told us they're not in a position to comment at this time. Expect more news soon.

GLAY'z's first batch of porno UMDs will be out in July, with more promised to follow - here's hoping they'll include other classics we found listed in the back catalogue, such as Burst, Sexual Humiliation Hospital and The Excellent Breast Body ERO Titism.

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