GT HD repackaged as demo

Due out this month in Japan.

Sony and Polyphony Digital have scrapped plans for a boxed version of Gran Turismo HD and now plan to release a free GT demo on the PlayStation Store for a limited time instead.

Due out on 24th December, and currently only for Japan, Gran Turismo HD Concept will consist of ten cars and two layouts of a single track according to translations of the announcement and a message from designer Kazunori Yamauchi.

It will also offer Time Attack and Drift Trial modes, with a Network Ranking feature so you can marvel at how rubbish you are compared to some bloke from Osaka.

Apparently Polyphony is throwing all its weight behind Gran Turismo 5 when this is done, although there's the possibility of more "Concept" releases between now and the fifth GT title's release, which is expected in 2008.

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