Pro Evolution Soccer 4 to support Xbox Live

Konami's next PES sports a spangly new Xbox Live button in the front end. Make of that what you will.

Xbox-owning football nuts may be about to get their wildest dreams realised... Well, okay, some of their tamer dreams. But they'll probably be happy, regardless, to hear that Konami has deigned to bless the Xbox version of the forthcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 4 with Xbox Live support.

This news comes to you courtesy of Tom's early-morning frantic dash around the Game Stars Live show in London's ExCeL convention centre, from whence a rushed phonecall was received saying "PES4 has an Xbox Live button in the front end. Inform the men."

As yet, Konami hasn't confirmed what the nature of their Xbox Live functionality will be, but apparently we have every reason to believe that it will feature full-strength online multiplayer, and not just some form of heinous high-score related treachery.

So there you have it. Football fans rejoice! The rest of you... As you were.

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