Squenix talks chocobo-rearing

In Final Fantasy XI.

As promised at the game's Santa Monica fan festival recently, the Final Fantasy XI development team has released details of the chocobo-raising system due to be introduced in the MMORPG's next update.

In an update to the game's official site, Square Enix likened the process of raising a chocobo to gardening - requiring a small amount of time each day for 1-3 months.

You begin by locating a chocobo egg (the contents will vary, with some extremely rare varieties available if you look hard enough), and care for it once it's born by feeding it every day and spending a bit of time with it.

Naming chocobos will be handled the same way that dragoons and puppetmasters select their wyvern or automaton names, apparently, but with "more options than ever", and - not content with that - the devs claim it'll be possible to breed chocobos with your friends'.

More details on FFXI's next update are expected in the coming days, so keep an eye out if you're interested.

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