New 360 in US this week, July in Europe

199 model has 250GB disk, Wi-Fi N.

Microsoft has confirmed reports that it plans to launch a new Xbox 360 model - and revealed that it will begin shipping to retailers in the US this week.

The new Xbox 360 will feature a removable but internal 250GB hard disk, an internal 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter and the same price point as the current top-end 360 - $299 in the US. Apparently it's "whisper quiet" too. Uhuh.

Microsoft has said that it will be released in Europe on 16th July, where it cost 199 / 249 and come with a wireless controller and 360 headset.

Check out the first photographs of it elsewhere on Eurogamer.

We also have a hands-on preview of the slim 360, and news that it has a specific slot for Kinect link-up.

The new Xbox 360 in detail.

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