New skiing game for Wii balance board

Get piste this summer.

Nintendo has dated the Namco Bandai balance board game for Wii called Family Ski.

It's due out here on 13th June, although there is no word on what it will cost or what the deal will be if you don't already own a balance board. At present the board is only available with Wii Fit for GBP 69.99.

Family Ski takes advantage of Nintendo's three-pronged-entertainment-fork - the Wiimote, nunchuk and Wii Board - to deliver what it calls "a thrilling true-life ski experience".

This has you crouching and leaning to turn while pushing-off and accelerating using the motion-sensing hand controls.

There's a Ski School to help you get to grips with it all, and you will soon find yourself progressing from Rabbit Road up to courses like the terrifying Lion Peak. There are competitions to enter when you get really good.

You also get the option of using a pre-set skier or importing your Mii and dressing it up in ski wear.

Then, once you get bored of sliding around, you can do some common piste activities like finding lost children and delivering food to people, like some kind of two-legged St. Bernard. Smashing idea. There's a Ski Quiz, too.

You can take photos of yourself on the slopes and then post the pictures on the Wii Message Board, too.

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