New Wii Rabbids title drops mini-games

Series goes back to action-adventure.

Ubisoft has decided to ditch mini-games from the next Raving Rabbids title on Wii and focus on trusty action-adventure instead.

That's according Nintendo Power magazine, which - judging by scans on GoNintendo - claims the Rabbids have decided to go home. Hence the title Rabbids Go Home.

The moon has been picked out as their destination, and the Rabbids will reach it by building a gigantic tower out of junk. That junk will be collected by a pair of Rabbids - one pushing a trolley, the other sitting inside and snatching the goods.

Players control both animals at once, and trolleys must be pushed into junk to acquire it. There are special moves to learn and abilities to upgrade. One of these scares the clothes off NPCs so that they can be collected for use on the tower.

Rabbids Go Home has no date yet, but we'll dig deeper and try to find out more.

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