New Guitar Hero guitars detailed

Swappable bodies. Video inside.

Activision has unveiled the latest generation of Guitar Hero guitars and revealed that they all have swappable bodies.

The new setup consolidates all the electronics into the neck and fretboard, meaning that the bits to either side of the body end of the guitar can be swapped out for other designs.

The first design shown in the video below is the one that will ship with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock later this year, and retailers like GameStop will be able to offer exclusive alternatives as part of pre-orders and once the guitar is on sale.

Like Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, the new guitar will be available for PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 this autumn.

Don't worry though - if you can't be bothered to buy yet another plastic guitar, then you can always use your old ones, which are fully compatible with Warriors of Rock.

One interesting footnote to all this, incidentally, is that the touch-sensitive fingerboard introduced for Guitar Hero: World Tour seems to have been ditched. So long old friend.

Check out the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock announcement for more on this year's rock-heavy rejig of the rhythm-action formula.

New Guitar Hero guitar design

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