New DS colours in US

But not in Europe.

Americaland Nintendo has confirmed that it will be launching two new special edition DS bundles on Friday in the States - but Nintendo Europe says there are "no plans" to release them here.

The new bundles - one for Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and one for the Best Friends version of Nintendogs - each come with a specially printed DS model.


My birthday's next weekend, by the way.

The Zelda one (pictured, unless I've forgotten) is gold with a Triforce logo in one corner, while the Nintendogs one is pink with a footprint in the same position. Neither is as nice as my red and black one, so ner.

Although neither version is available in Europe, we do have a choice of white, black, pink and silver.

The new DS bundles will go on sale in the US for USD 149.99, which saves a few "dollars", which you could then spend on Slitherlink or Picross DS if you're any kind of human.

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