Need for Speed World dated

Pre-order for early access.

Racing MMO Need for Speed World will be available to download on 27th July, EA has confirmed.

Those who pre-order will get early access, starting on 20th July.

NFSW, which is very much safe for work, is in development over at Black Box in Canada.

It fuses the street racing of the Need for Speed series with traditional role-playing elements in an open world.

Players can pre-order the Need for Speed World Starter Pack today to gain early access to the game.

You'll also unlock exclusive cars, earn double experience points, reserve your driver name and have VIP status permanently displayed in your driver profile before the game's released.

The Starter Pack costs 14.99, and includes a credit for 14.99 worth of SpeedBoost, the wonderfully-named in-game currency. Your money also buys you full access up to level 50 and a bundled assortment of power-ups, including Nitrous and Traffic Magnet.

Like so many MMOs these says, NFSW uses a micro-transaction model. You can buy power-ups, double XP periods and rental cars.

A free client, which will give you access to all races, pursuits and career progression up to level 10, will also be up for download.

Eurogamer previewed the game in March.

Need for Speed World explained

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