NCsoft trademarks City of Heroes 2

What could it mean. Nobody knows.

City of Heroes, the original superhero MMO, may be getting a sequel.

Publisher NCsoft was spotted trademarking City of Heroes 2 twice last week (by Superannuation).

Nothing further is known, and the trademark may be nothing more than future-proofing the name.

Nevertheless, City of Heroes - released 2004 in America and 2005 in Europe - is old. And with competition from Champions Online (developed by City of Heroes creator Cryptic Studios) and DC Universe, there's a Spandex-tight margin for error.

City of Heroes will expand again in a couple of months with expansion Going Rogue. The headline attraction of this will be Heroes being able to turn Villain and vice versa. There's a new world, items, quests and all that guff too, of course.

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