Napoleon: TW gets Peninsular expansion

Guerrilleros in our midst this summer.

Napoleon: Total War will expand this summer with The Peninsular Campaign add-on, sold exclusively on Steam.

This revolves around the 1811 battle for the Iberian Peninsular. Basically, Napoleon and his mates have been bashing on Spanish and Portuguese doors for a couple of years and are generally doing pretty well. So well, in fact, that Spain has been forced to authorise local militias to fight back using guerilla warfare.

That Iberian Peninsular has been broken into 32 regions ruled by four playable actions: Britain, France, Portugal and, for the first time, Spain.

New agent-type the provocateur will be available to Britain and France, and the priest offered to Spain and Portugal. Only Spain, however, will have access to the Guerrillero.


Portugal there, home of Ronaldo.

We're promised a host of multiplayer features, although these aren't fleshed-out anywhere that we can see.

Our Napoleon: Total War - The Peninsular Campaign gallery has the first screenshots.

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