Nanostray 2 next year

Majesco doing honours.

Majesco Europe has popped its name down as publisher for Nanostray 2, and announced that it will be on shop shelves early next year.

The DS top-down shooter will have co-operative play for two of you, or versus if you want to blow each other up; touch-screen stylus controls - at last; loads more Adventure missions; Simulator mode, where you can play unlockable arcade games for high scores; the rather pointless goal-based Challenge mode; and the good old Arcade mode.

Developer Shin'en is even adding horizontal levels to mix it up, as well as classic control schemes if you don't like the new touch screen malarkey.

"The original Nanostray delivered thrilling non-stop action that hearkened back to classic arcade shooters," said John Merchant, Majesco marketing bigwig. "In Nanostray 2, we're building upon that foundation with features fans requested after the original release: new game modes, control options and wireless connectivity, among them."

Which is all true, of course - as you can find out by reading our review of Nanostray 1, released here early last year.

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