Mythic hasn't started WAR expansion

Focusing on live game, says Jacobs.

Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has warned that the first expansion pack for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning could be a long time coming.

Posting in a speculative thread on the VN Boards, Jacobs said that work hadn't begun in earnest on the first expansion to the young MMO - and that once it did, it would take a long time. The developer's priority remains updating the live game for now.

"Just so you know, we haven't begun work on an XPack yet and aren't going to until we get a lot more done in WAR," Jacobs said. "The expansion can wait a little longer but the main game can't."

"And once we begin work on an XPack, it's going to take us quite a while to do it," he added. "We're still at the talking stages and while we think we have some rather interesting ideas, it's not time yet to even go to Games Workshop to get their blessing."

Jacbos hinted that he was a fan of the Vampire Counts from Warhammer lore, so they might well feature. He also said that fans speculating in the thread had hit on many of the same ideas as the developer.

Warhammer Online gets its first major content update, 1.1, this week. It adds two new playable careers, new quests and a revamp of the game's open-world warfare. More details at the Warhammer Online gamepage.

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