Mytheon MMO open beta next week

Free-to-play, strategic action RPG.

Publisher True Games Interactive and developer Petroglyph have announced that their free-to-play MMO, Mytheon, will go into open beta next week, on 28th April.

The game is a massively multiplyer, top-down action RPG with strategic elements revolving around the collection and deployment of Power Stones that summon minions and erect structures to aid you in combat. It's set in mythological ancient Greece.

Mytheon will pay for itself via micro-transactions. Open beta will mark the launch of the game's item shop, and during the open beta phase, players will occasionally be supplied with Mytheon Coins to spend there.

However, there will also be a limited-release premium package called Champions of Mytheon. Buy this - it goes on sale in early May - and you'll have lifetime access to discount currency, "premium offerings", exclusive items and content previews. You'll also get in on a pre-launch early-access period, and your name in the game's credits.

Champions of Mytheon is limited to 2000 players. There's no word on pricing yet.

You can find more information, and access the game once open beta starts next week, at the Mytheon website.

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