Myst dated for DS

Descending in October.

Midway has confirmed to Eurogamer that Myst DS will be released here on 19th October.

It will offer fans of the series a new Rime age to explore, and an entirely redesigned interface to make use of the touch-screen controls and layout of the handheld. The upper screen will act as a magnification portal when you want it, and the lower screen will contain information and be the place for solving the puzzles.

You'll also be given a notepad that you'll be able to scribble notes in and keep like a diary, a magnifying glass for closer inspection, a photo-clip storage area, and a mini-map so you know where you're going.

Myst is an adventure series based around solving brain-knotting puzzles. It has been around for donkey's years now, first appearing on Macintosh back in 1993.

The DS seems like a natural fit to us, and you can see how it is coming on in our Myst gallery.

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