More X360 'Elite' speculation

Photographic, er, speculation.

New evidence has emerged to support rumours that Microsoft has a black Xbox 360 with an HDMI port and 120GB hard drive in development.

Forum members of website TGFC have posted pictures of what appears to be the black units lined up in a factory. The date on the snaps points back to Valentines day, suggesting that an April launch might not be that far-fetched.

Xbox 360 Fanboy is also waving evidence around, although it's somewhat less convincing. The website is showing a picture taken by one of its readers - the mysteriously named "Ralph" - of a poster from American retailer Gamestop advertising the new hard drive.

It's a little small and simply shows a familiar looking HDD with the words "120GB Hardrive coming soon".

Unfortunately Microsoft was unavailable for comment, but we would expect little more than "we do not comment on rumour or speculation" from it.

We'll be talking to Gamestop as soon as humanly possible though, so stay tuned.

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