More on Doom 4 at QuakeCon 2010

"You're gonna love it," reckons Hollenshead.

id Software boss Todd Hollenshead has said that the developer will be able to talk about Doom 4 in more detail at QuakeCon 2010, which should take place next August.

"When we show it to you you're gonna love it," he told the audience at the firm's QuakeCon keynote in Dallas overnight (thanks vg247).

Doom 4 was first announced over a year ago when id started seeking people to begin work on it, which should give you an idea of its current state.

Earlier this year Hollenshead denied it would be a sequel, but said it wasn't a reboot either.

Elsewhere, id's John Carmack has told Eurogamer that Doom 4 will be "three times" the visual quality of Rage thanks to its 30fps frame-rate (Rage runs at 60), and that it may "leverage some of the Quake Live infrastructure" for multiplayer.

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