More COD, GH, Spidey, Shrek for 2010

"Strong, innovative new titles," says Acti.

Activision boss Mike Griffith has told analysts that in 2010 there will be more Call of Duty, more Guitar Hero, more Spider-Man and more Shrek thank goodness.

"In [calendar year] 2010, Activision Publishing is expected to release strong, innovative new titles. The diversified lineup will include titles based on the best selling franchises including Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Shrek, [and] Spider-Man," said Griffith during a conference call (listened to by GameSpot).

Hardly unexpected. Back in May, Activision was caught licensing Vietnam War-era music for Call of Duty 7, which will be (true to form) developed by Treyarch. This suggests the Call of Duty series may have left World War II behind forever.

Modern Warfare 2 will be released this Tuesday 10th November. Infinity Ward's game is expected to be one of the biggest games ever.

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