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Robert Bowling talks about today's DLC infusion.

Eurogamer: When are PC and PS3 owners getting the Stimulus Package?

Robert Bowling: No date has been set for those platforms, but as soon as we know, we're going to be alerting our community.

Eurogamer: Give us a clue? Are we talking one month, two months...?

Robert Bowling: No, er, we don't have a date yet, so I don't want to speculate and then miss it.

Eurogamer: Microsoft's promised another, second batch of timed-exclusive Modern Warfare 2 DLC for Xbox 360. We waited from November 2009 for the first lot - can we assume this will turn up quicker, given the presence of BFBC2?

Robert Bowling: The second map pack? I don't think a date's been set yet. Right now we like to focus on one map pack at a time and not let marketing or competition determine our development cycles. We set a quality bar; we really want our DLC not to be pushed out for quantity. That's what dictates our development cycle.

Eurogamer: You've announced a first double-experience weekend for Modern Warfare 2 in April. Are these going to become more common?

Robert Bowling: I'd like them to! But we're gong to reserve them for special events. We're doing our first one the weekend following the DLC release. We like to keep them scarce - if you do too many then you devalue the whole rank-up system.


It's like World War I tactics all over again.

Eurogamer: When you read Major Nelson's Xbox Live Activity charts, does a cheer sound through the office when Modern Warfare 2 is at the top?

Robert Bowling: We definitely celebrate those lists when they come out. That's what matters most to us. That's a direct reflection of what our players are doing. Definitely we take a lot of pride in those lists, when we see Modern Warfare 2 is number one since launch.

Eurogamer: How long can you stay top for? How long are the legs of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer?

Robert Bowling: They're proving to be pretty long! As long as our community keeps playing it every night we're going to keep supporting them by coming up with new content and playlist updates - we're supporting them for supporting us. If we keep that up and they keep that up then I think we can stay up there for a while.

Eurogamer: What sort of hours are people pouring in to MW2? Can you track that stuff?

Robert Bowling: We would have to do some digging. Just talking to some of our most hardcore players, I mean some of these guys have 14, 15, 16 days of playtime! It's pretty insane. Personally I have a little over five days, and I thought that was hardcore!

Eurogamer: Are you proud when Modern Warfare 2 fans stick with your game even when Treyarch releases a new Call of Duty title?

Robert Bowling: We definitely take pride that our players stick with us regardless of any other games that come out. We definitely have a very loyal community and we love that.

The Stimulus Package is out today on Xbox Live and costs 1200 Microsoft Points (10.20/14.40)

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