Mirror's Edge DLC dated

EA gives us the runaround. In two weeks.

Electronic Arts has announced that the Mirror's Edge premium downloadable content will be released on 29th January for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The pack, announced before Christmas, consists of seven new Time Trial maps that offer nine new races.

As you know if you watched the trailer, these are stylised courses designed to make the most of the game's free-running Time Trial mode - one of its best features.

The pack will cost 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Marketplace, and USD 10 for PlayStation 3 and PC owners. The latter can buy the game itself when it goes on sale this Friday, 16th January.

PlayStation 3 owners also get an extra map as part of an exclusivity arrangement with Sony. It's not clear whether you have to buy the whole pack to get this, so we're checking.

Meanwhile, why don't you check out our Mirror's Edge PS3/Xbox 360 review or yesterday's Mirror's Edge PC review to find out what we thought of the game itself?

Unless you have already, in which case you get a hug. C'mere. Aw. Awww.

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