Miis in Mario & Sonic Olympics

Plus new outrageous events.

SEGA has said you will be able to play as your Mii avatar in any of the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games events.

It also revealed a special series of Dream Events that will let you collect power-ups as you compete, enabling you to do all sorts of unrealistic things in a colourful, fantasy universe.

Dream Race takes place on the Sandhill course and is an intense leg-pounder for you and up to three friends. Dream Platform, on the other hand, is a diving event that starts 10,000 meters in the air; as you descend you will need to perform tricks and plough through hoops, all while avoiding obstacles and baddies.

Or you can try a little sword swishing in Dream Fencing down on the old Duel Wharf Fencing Bench, where special attacks are the order of the day. And finally, if none of that takes your fancy, then you can smash balls around in a sci-fi table tennis match, calling on more special abilities to make your opponent look silly.

The Dream Events join a whole host of realistic Olympic pursuits in the full game. Particularly enlightening is the rowing, which has a rather unique and unforgettable motion to replicate with the Wiimote. Wink, nudge.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is due out in Europe on 23rd November, and in the first quarter of next year on DS.

Pop over to our Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games gamepage to see how it is shaping up.

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