Midway cements Wheelman delay

Vin Diesel car thriller stalls to March.

Midway has told Eurogamer that The Wheelman has indeed slipped to 20th March.

The driving game featuring and influenced by Vin Diesel had been expected exactly a month earlier. The delay was to provide a "more optimal launch timeframe", according to the publisher, which could mean anything. We're also told there will be a pre-launch demo, but there's no specific timing mentioned.

The Wheelman is a collaboration between Midway Newcastle and Tigon Studios for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Vin Diesel formed Tigon back in 2002, and played a key role helping develop the celebrated Chronicles of Riddick titles.

The original plan had been to launch a Wheelman film alongside the game, but the big-screen adaptation appears to have gone missing, a bit like Vin Diesel's Hollywood career.

The Wheelman stars the mumbling hulk as the good guy who wrecks a crime syndicate in Barcelona by doing clever stunts in vehicles and shooting guns.

Head over to The Wheelman gamepage to find out more.

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