New Gears 2 Achievements revealed

But Epic still to lock patch date down.

Microsoft has published details of seven new Achievements arriving with the Gears of War 2 update this month.

There's a potential 175 gamerpoints up for grabs, according to, and they're tied into winning on levels released in the Flashback and Combustible map packs.

Epic has yet to set a date for the patch, however, and boss Mark Rein warns that Achievement sightings are no clear indicator that change is imminent.

"Whenever new Achievements are added they will show up ahead of the update," said Rein on the Gears of War forum yesterday. "That's just the natural order of things."

"The update is still in testing and we don't have a firm date for its release yet. Hopefully we'll know soon"

Most of the update focuses on fixing online multiplayer bugs and exploits, such as hitting foes through walls and obtaining infinite Lancer ammo. Also, the shotgun should work better during high-latency matches now.

On top of that will are tweaks to the ruleset to punish early quitters more heavily and protect freshly respawned combatants from grenades and chainsaw attacks.

Those are only some of the fixes; a full list will arrive with the update.

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