Microsoft closes Flight Sim studio

Was writing cheques its body couldn't cash.

Microsoft has shut down Aces Studio, the developer behind the highly successful Flight Simulator series.

Rumours of the closure first popped up on Gamasutra, and a Microsoft has since confirmed the closure to Gamespot. "Following our annual strategy-review process, IEB is making adjustments within our business to align our people against our highest priorities, and the closure of Aces Studio is one of those changes," the spokesperson stated.

"You should expect us to continue to invest in enabling great Live experiences on Windows, including flying games, but we have nothing additional to announce around Flight Simulator specifically at this time." More Crimson Skies then? Oh go on.

The first Flight Sim game made its debut on the IBM PC in November 1982. According to the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2009, that makes it one year older than Word, three years older than Windows and the longest-running Microsoft franchise of all time.

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