MGS4 had "minimal" effect on PS3 sales

But DS colours light up the UK market.

Metal Gear Solid 4 has only managed to boost PS3 sales in the UK by seven per cent, reports.

The Konami blockbuster became the best-selling PS3-exclusive ever, according to opening weekend data from Chart-Track, and was second overall on the platform to only to Grand Theft Auto IV.

"There's not a lot to say about it - it had minimal impact really. [PS3] units were up by seven per cent," said Chart-Track's Dorian Bloch.

The fourth instalment in the series also proved less popular than Metal Gear Solid 2 in its first few days on sale.

However, the story for Nintendo was quite different, as it unleashed three new DS colour-schemes in Europe last Friday.

"The new colours had a massive impact - sales were up hugely," said Bloch. "Black is still the king, followed by red, pink, white, turquoise, green and silver."

Apparently the black model made up "more than a third" of all DS sales. Perhaps it looks grown up.

On top of this, Nintendo boosted its Brain Training sales by bundling it in a fancy Father's Day DS package. It did a similar thing for Mother's Day.

"DS is still going some, basically," observed Bloch. has sales chart bed covers.

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