Metal Gear SCENE expansion for March

Third add-on pack brings 3 maps, Raiden.

Konami has announced the third expansion pack for Metal Gear Online, MGS4's tactical multiplayer component for PS3. The SCENE expansion will be released in March and include three new maps and two new characters, as well as some new gear options.

The characters are warring fops Raiden and Vamp, who MGS4 players will remember from a series of charged confrontations in Hideo Kojima's epic.

The three maps are Outer Outlet, Hazard House and Ravaged Riverfront - respectively, an industrial wasteland, a mansion, and a clock tower with overground, underground and underwater areas.

Interestingly, you'll be able to use PayPal as well as the PSN wallet to pay for SCENE, and will be able to pre-order the download a week before release via the in-game shop or Konami's online shop. Pre-orderers will receive "the hilarious classic 'cardboard man' head gear" as a free gift.

Look out for a trailer preview of SCENE in a week's time.

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