Metal Gear PS3 online?

Subsistence follow-on mentioned.

Creator of the Metal Gear series Hideo Kojima has revealed that his team is developing online play for PS3.

It's largely due to the success of Subsistence on PS2, apparently, which added an online multiplayer component to Metal Gear Solid 3.

However, it isn't clear whether this will be included with Metal Gear Solid 4 or be a standalone addition further down the pipe line.

The news came after Kojima gave a live demonstration of MGS4: Guns of the Patriots on stage at the PlayStation Premier event in Tokyo. It lasted 20 minutes and showed off many of Snake's new abilities - like his fancy camouflage suit that can disguise him as a statue.

And yes, apparently it looks as good as it does in the trailers - the game engine-rendered footage from E3 being the latest.

We'll keep our eyes out for the trailer as soon as it becomes available.

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