Messenger Kit, Halo pads dated

And priced. Readies at the ready!

If Microsoft's Halo 3-themed Xbox 360 isn't sufficient to gobble up all your money at GBP 280 a pop when it launches on 26th September...well, you're overpaid. Also, you could spend the run-off on Limited Edition Halo 3 Wireless Controllers! And green wireless headset!

You may tut, but how else are they going to claw back the USD 1 billion they spent fixing all your consoles? So, give generously when you consider purchasing the Todd McFarlane-designed Covenant Brute and Master Chief Wireless Controllers, both of which launch on 26th September and cost GBP 34.99. Or the Spartan green headset, which is also GBP 34.99.

Also coming this September is the much anticipated Xbox 360 Messenger Kit - arguably more interesting than any of the above, but it's too late to rewrite the entire item now - which arrives at an estimated price of GBP 24.99 on 7th September. You can see what it looks like in our Xbox 360 Messenger Kit photograph gallery.

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