Mega Drive compilation for PS3, 360

SEGA wheeling out the old guns.

SEGA has decided to put together a Mega Drive Ultimate Collection for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Expected early next year, the bundle will be stuffed full of fond memories, from Alien Storm to Ecco the Dolphin, and from Space Harrier to all of the Streets of Rage and Sonic games.

Another reason SEGA hopes you consider the package is higher resolution graphics, or 720p output to be precise. This will apparently grant these golden-oldies a new lease of life, but may end up simply highlighting the retro wrinkles of the elderly flock.

Of course, the best of these games will have been offered up on Xbox Live, PSN and Virtual Console, but then there's no stopping some of you.

Head over to our SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection gallery for a trip down memory lane.

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