MCLA South Central cars sold separately?

Vehicle pack leaks point to more content.

Rockstar is reportedly planning to release a couple of extra premium packs for Midnight Club: Los Angeles, which allow you to access the seven vehicles introduced by the recent South Central expansion separately.

According to a since-deleted Xbox Live Marketplace RSS update, the first pack features the Mercedes CL 65 AMG, Audi S5 and Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, while the second has the Cadillac XLR V, Lancer Evo X and Aston Martin DB9. The Ducati 1098 R would be free.

Rockstar has yet to comment on whether the packs will be released, or when, how much they will cost, or why the decision was made to offer the vehicle packs at all given that the cars are already playable during South Central's delivery missions.

The latter point has bloggers up in arms, including 360Sync, which points out that people won't appreciate being asked to pay to add the vehicles to their garages if they've already spent 800 Microsoft Points (or GBP 7.99 on PSN) for the South Central expansion.

Then again, people who haven't bought South Central and just want the cars to race around LA - or the free South Central map update - will presumably feel differently.

In any case, we've asked Rockstar if it can clear any of this up, so we'll let you know.

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