Mario Strikers: Charged Football Reader Review

First of all; this football (as in soccer) themed game's gameplay has not much to do with football (as in soccer). It plays more like a mix between the Bitmap Brother�s fabulous Speedball 2 from the Amiga (except for the �ice-cream� cries) and Tekken (except for the complete set of button permutation combos) set in a dark version of the Mario-universe.

The gameplay is simple enough; one try to get a ball shaped object into a cage behind the other team�s crocodile more times than they do it to the cage behind your own teams' crocodile using (mainly) the feet of your 4 players, hard tackles and loads of power ups and super moves. The result is a surprisingly tactics oriented game. You constantly try to get enough space around your striker to give him (or her!) time to score. This leads to interesting choices on use of your helpers and captain, their powers and super powers.

That fact that nasty tackles (a quick wiggle of the wiimote) does not stop the game, but merely (often) result in a power up for the adversary, helps keep the game at a constant high pace. The controls are straightforward and not overly complex - one stick for moving around, one button for tacling/special moves, one button for shooting, one button for changing character/passing the ball and one button for the power ups.

The special qualities of wiimote is only used for tackling (as mentioned above) and an amusing keeper-mini-game. Admittedly not as accessible as Wii Sports, but methinks it can be enjoyed by almost anyone (who�s not to uptight on the purity football, as in soccer).

All in all a worthy title to introduce internet play on the Wii.

8 / 10


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