Mario Kart stunt system revealed

No more snaking, do tricks instead.

It's been confirmed you won't be able to snake to earn speed boosts in Mario Kart Wii - but there's a new stunt system to make up for it.

That's according to the review of the game in Official Nintendo Magazine UK, scans of which have appeared on the Internet. Apparently the power of boosts is now determined by how long you are able to maintain powerslides, not by how good you are at jiggling away to the left and right.

You can also give yourself a boost by pulling off tricks when your kart is airborne. This doesn't sound very difficult - it's just a matter of flicking the Wii Wheel upwards at the right moment. There's no mention of how this works if you're playing with a traditional controller.

Mario Kart Wii is out in Europe on April 11th. Check back later this week for Eurogamer's review.

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