Manhunt manual ignores Vienna

Producer cross at lack of credit.

Former Rockstar Vienna producer Jurie Horneman has spoken of his "outrage" that over 50 staff who worked on Manhunt 2 have not been acknowledged in the game credits, reports.

Rockstar Vienna worked on the controversial title for over two years, before the project was moved to Rockstar London and the Vienna studio was eventually closed down.

In his latest blog post, Horneman has listed as many of the 55 employees that had worked on the project as possible, and reacted angrily that they have not been acknowledged for their contribution to the game.

"I am disappointed and outraged that Rockstar Games tries to pretend that Rockstar Vienna and the work we did on Manhunt 2 never happened - the work of over 50 people, who put years of their lives into the project, trying to make the best game they could."

"I am proud to have been part of that team," he added.

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