Make Halo video, win month in LA

Studying at film school.

Microsoft is inviting Halo fans to create videos about Master Chief and win a month in Los Angeles studying at a prestigious film academy.

The Halo: Recut competition is open to European gamers over 18 and submissions will be accepted from 31st January until 21st March 2008.

The idea is to make videos of Master Chief away from the Halo universe, "whether its Master Chief’s 'Meet the Parents', a Spartan high school reunion, or even break dancing to MC Hammer". Although please don't let it be those things.

You can make the video any way you want (laws of the land notwithstanding), using a video camera, in-game footage, animation or what-have-you. Ellie's going to use SingStar and is preparing her Macy Gray Chief as we speak.

If she wins (which she won't), she will receive an Xbox 360 and Halo 3, as will all the other winners from competing European countries.

Then, she will be put into a Europe-wide final to be judged by Bungie Studios, with the winner receiving return flights to LA, a month's accommodation, car rental and USD 2,000 spending money for use as they attend the New York Film Academy in LA (yes).

For more information, check out the Halo: Recut website, and remember, video uploads will be accepted from 31st January onwards.

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